The REFLECT Project: Spreading Evidence-Based Teaching in STEM

Thursday 8:30am - 9:30am Brighton 1/2
Thematic Symposium

Stephanie Salomone, University of Portland
Heather Dillon, University of Portland
Eric Anctil, University of Portland
Valerie Peterson, University of Portland
Carolyn James, University of Portland
Tara Prestholdt, University of Portland
This interactive session explores how REFELCT, an NSF-funded project underway at XXXX University, is shifting teaching culture toward the adoption of evidence-based practices. This interactive session includes participant engagement in instructional change activities. In addition, we will explore what our grant team has learned about motivating and supporting teacher change, reshaping institutional culture, leveraging internal resources, and utilizing external partners. We share a model for effecting widespread adoption of evidence-based instructional practices and changing campus culture that could be used at similar regional comprehensive universities.


We will host an interactive workshop on evidence-based practices, the way that we have supported faculty pursuing pedagogical change have been supported on our campus, and on use and implementation of our protocols for faculty peer observation for formative assessment.