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Robin Wright We have no choice: why systemic change must happen in undergraduate education

Robin Wright, National Science Foundation

Plenary Session
Wednesday, April 3 | 4:30pm - 5:45pm | Admiral

The increasingly rapid pace of change in science and society make systemic change more critical in higher education than it has ever been. In this interactive presentation, spend some time visualizing where undergraduate education is heading, key change drivers we face, and how the two may intersect.

Kelly Mack That None Shall Perish

Kelly Mack, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Plenary Session
Thursday, April 4 | 11:45am - 1:00pm | Admiral

Addressing the nation's need for a competitively trained, liberally educated, and diverse STEM workforce requires the kind of systemic change that represents a radical departure from our reliance on the mastery of initiative or intervention implementation. This is particularly true given the contemporary realities of higher education, which are now situated within a shifting sociopolitical context. In this presentation, Dr. Mack will discuss proven strategies for systemic change that provide institutions and the individuals within them opportunities to adapt a more dynamic stance whereby both are predisposed and positioned to desire, foster, recognize, and require the transformative actions and outcomes that are essential for inclusion and indistinguishable from excellence.

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