Below is a list of current webinars and short courses. For webinars that have already occurred, you can view the webinar recording and download presentation slides by visiting the webinar event page. See the webinar technology page for more information on connecting to the webinar and interacting with hosts and participants during the event.

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Upcoming Webinars

STEM Leadership Series: Excellence, Catalysts for Change, and Inclusive Impact

Monday, March 18th, April 15th, and May 20th, 2024 at 11 am-12 pm PT | 12-1 pm MT | 1-2 pm CT | 2-3 pm ET


March webinar: Shirley Malcom, Director of the SEA Change initiative at AAAS and Holden Thorp, Editor-in-Chief at Science; April webinar: Zakiya Wilson Kennedy, Louisiana State University and Santa Ono, Univerisity of Michigan; May webinar: April Horton, Bates College and Katy Ott, Bates College

Transforming STEM necessitates a collaborative effort involving STEM professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders committed to taking actionable steps in cultivating a productive and inclusive community. Through the exploration of innovative ideas, curriculum materials, policy revisions, and network leveraging, leaders can drive meaningful changes to advance initiatives within their institutions. This series will delve into the strategies employed by influential leaders in the field who have successfully spearheaded the transformation of STEM.

Short Courses

Short courses are combinations of webinars and related ASCN resources on systemic change topics of interest.

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Collaboration for Change: Engaging stakeholders and working together on common goals

The webinars and resources in this short course will help those leading change within departments and institutions think about frameworks for change and collective impact, engagement of people across an institution or within a department.

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The Politics of Leading Change

This series examines the politics of leading change through three types of engagements: 1) a recording of Susan Elrod's presentation on leadership moves, 2) a panel discussion with change leaders working in different contexts, and 3) an informal discussion with WG 3 leaders about the ideas discussed in the recording and panel discussion.

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