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Morning Sessions (10:00am - 11:30am)

Session A:

Session Chair: Stephanie Salomone

  • From Lecture to Studio: The Story of MSU's Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Measuring Systemic Change in Introductory Science Courses
  • How to be a great embedded expert! Catalyzing change in your department from the inside

Session B:

Session Chair: Christine Broussard

  • Mentoring Faculty Course Reform Teams to Disseminate Evidence-based Reforms and Engage Departments
  • Using Data-Driven Faculty Professional Development To Promote Change In Undergraduate Education
  • Spreading teaching-reform efforts at the University of Arizona

Session C:

Session Chair: Clark Coffman

  • An evaluation of the differential effects of the prerequisite pathways on student performance in an introductory biology course
  • The Sky is the Limit: A Learning Community for Undeclared Students--A Sustainable Investment in Student Success and Retention
  • Fostering interdisciplinary, cross-institutional collaboration to provide undergraduate STEM students with authentic learning experiences

Session D:

Session Chair: Gita Bangera

  • Navigating the bridge between theory and action: Validating the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Science Education (PULSE) Theory of Change
  • Pursuing systemic change in undergraduate STEM education through Departmental and Leadership Teams for Action (DeLTA)
  • Putting the Teaching Quality Framework Initiative into action: A case-study comparison of three departments engaged in transforming teaching evaluation

Mid-Day Session (1:15pm - 2:45pm)

Session E:

Session Chair: Guadalupe Lozano

  • Partnering with Peer Leaders to create inclusive academic support environments
  • Student-driven approaches to adding discussions of race and racism to STEM courses
  • Five-years of undergraduate STEM Education Reform at Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, and Skagit Valley College: Progress, Challenges, and Next Steps

Session F:

Session Chair: Lisa Elfring

  • Characterizing departmental culture and assessing change with the DELTA survey
  • Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate STEM Education: CAUSE for Transformation to Evidence-based Teaching Practices
  • Guided by Evidence: Changing the Disciplinary Culture of Teaching and Learning

Afternoon Sessions (3:30pm - 5:00pm)

Session G:

Session Chair: A. Kelly Lane

  • A Framework for Integrated Competency-Based Education
  • Internships Across Disciplines
  • Bringing social network analysis to higher education: How do peer interactions inform teaching decisions?

Session H:

Session Chair: Dilhara Liyanage

  • Transforming STEM Education through Scaffolded Curricula
  • The Biology Teaching Assistant Project: Theory of Change for a Network

Session I:

Session Chair: Stephanie Foster

  • Transforming STEM gateway courses: or How we learned to stop worrying about just one approach and love the different pathways
  • On the RISE: Institutional transformation by harnessing synergies

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