ASCN Systemic Change Institute

Who is the Systemic Change Institute for?

The ASCN Systemic Change Institute is designed to support campus change agents in using institutional change strategies to advance STEM change projects to greater scale and sustainability. Campus teams will bring existing projects, envisioned or started, that they need help bringing to scale or longer-term sustainability. Campus teams may be struggling with leadership turnover, lack of resources or infrastructure, team dynamics, shifting project goals and priorities, or other challenges.

What happens at a Systemic Change Institute?

Institute participants will learn about the national context and drivers for change, theories and frameworks of change and the logistics of managing change projects to advance them to scale and sustainability. Institute participants will be mentored throughout the year by STEM leaders, researchers, and change agents who have experience with reform projects. For more information see the The Change Dashboard White Paper (Acrobat (PDF) 2.2MB Feb25 20).

Upcoming Institutes

  • There are no Systemic Change Institutes scheduled. However, if your institution would like to schedule an on-demand institute please reach out to Audrey Boklage at

Past Institutes

For more information and frequently asked questions about the Systemic Change Institutes, visit the Resources page.

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