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Upcoming Webinar: Faculty Adoption of STEM Education Reforms: From Constraint to Possibility
Posted: Nov 14 2017
Dr. Cassandra Volpe Horii will explore key ideas from the literature on STEM faculty work/life, identity, and adoption in an approachable way. Wednesday, January 17th at 12:30pm ET.
2017 SMTI/ASCN workshop proceedings now available
Posted: Nov 14 2017
The 2017 SMTI/ASCN workshop report captures the ideas discussed and new understandings developed during the workshop. The workshop report, along with case studies, is now available for download.
Upcoming Webinar: Launching and Leading Change in STEM Education
Posted: Oct 3 2017
This webinar focuses on the challenges of leading a transformational change effort that has the potential to address the underlying institutional and faculty assumptions and behaviors that affect student interest, progress and success in the study of STEM fields.
ASCN Annual Meeting, June 26, 2017
Posted: May 1 2017
The ASCN annual meeting is in New Orleans, LA, June 26, 2017, from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. The meeting begins the day after the SMTI-ASCN meeting and it is free to attend.
2017 Leadership Institute is accepting applications through March 20th
Posted: Feb 20 2017
The ASCN Leadership Institute is designed to support campus change agents in using institutional change strategies to advance STEM change projects to greater scale and sustainability.
SMTI and ASCN joint meeting June 24-25
Posted: Feb 20 2017
This meeting will be an opportunity to bridge the gap between research and practice on transforming institutions.
Check out the ASCN Blog!
Posted: Feb 20 2017
The ASCN blog is a platform to engage with scholars and practitioners already involved with ASCN work, as well as the wider community of researchers and practitioners who are engaged in or supporting pedagogical, curricular, and culture change in higher education.

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