Accelerating Systemic Change Network:
Inaugural Network Workshop
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)
Chevy Chase, MD • July 6-8, 2016

Workshop Workspaces

In spite of wide availability of evidence-based instructional practices, institutions are slow to use this knowledge. Research on effective institutional change exists, but it is not currently available in a format that is accessible to many institution-based change agents. The Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) will serve as a professional network and intellectual home for the community engaged in creating and/or studying change in post-secondary STEM education in a broad range of disciplines. Development of a coherent professional network will help capture what is known --- and soon to be discovered --- about leading and evaluating change efforts in undergraduate and graduate STEM education.

Workshop Goals

  • Build relationships across disciplines and between people focused on organizational change research with those focused on implementing change.
  • Conceptualize and initiate agendas for working groups.
  • Foster new working groups that might emerge.

Dates: July 6-8, 2016

Participants should plan to arrive at the HHMI Headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD, in time for the first workshop event at 5 pm on Wednesday, July 6. The workshop will be over at 12:30 pm on Friday, July 8. (Registration is currently closed)


The participants are expected to:

Facilities and Logistics

All events for the workshop will take place at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) offices, 4000 Jones Bridge Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

More detailed information is available in the following PDF:
HHMI Meeting Venue Information (Acrobat (PDF) 96kB Apr25 16)

For More Information

  • For questions related to the project, contact Charles R Henderson:
  • For questions related to the SERC site, contact Rory McFadden:

ASCN is funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the National Science Foundation , the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Sloan Foundation.