Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Through Multi-Level Strategic Leadership

Workshop Program

  1. Interactive Small-group Introductions (20 minutes)
  2. Overview, Case Studies and Q&A (40 minutes)
  3. Interactive Activity: Reflection on strategies/lessons from cases that help participants understand own contexts, challenges, and opportunities (25 minutes)
  4. Break (15 minutes)
  5. Individual Reflection/Writing to identify opportunities, values/principles, leadership coordination, and communication strategies in participants' work at micro/meso/macro levels on advancing diversity (10 minutes)
  6. Trio Discussion: each participant has time to talk about and hear peer perspectives on topics from 5, above. Participants are sharing at a "meta" level to build their "toolkits." (30 minutes)
  7. Whole group discussion to surface the most important questions and insights that emerged from individual and trio work; (20 minutes)
  8. Time for participants to write briefly about next steps when they return to campus, with some sharing out (25 minutes)