Initial Publication Date: September 24, 2020

Where Do I Start with Change?

Are you just getting started with systemic change? Do you want to learn more about a specific area of change research or begin to apply it to a change initiative at your institution? We have a lot of great resources and links below that can help you get started and get to know ASCN.

What is systemic change?

Systemic change is often difficult to envision, let alone encourage, because people generally find it easier to focus on the parts than on the systems that connect those pieces.

What is a theory of change?

Change theories include theoretical and empirically-grounded knowledge about how change occurs.

How can I lead change?

Anybody can be a change leader. If you are creating, facilitating, or advocating for change in STEM education, at any level of the higher education system, you are a change leader.

How can I support those who lead change?

To support a change leader, you can help them develop the competencies they need and champion their efforts.

How can I take a systems approach with my change initiative?

Change projects often fail because change agents do not fully understand the system that they are trying to change and do not have a clearly articulated change plan.

What are the costs and benefits of change?

In higher education we are often called upon to improve educational outcomes with scarce institutional resources. If you have wondered whether it is possible to make modest changes that have a great impact, while also saving money and resources, the answer is yes.

How can I measure change?

How can institutional policies promote sustainable change?

We must promote the development of institutional cultures where continuous improvement of teaching is expected, valued, assessed, and rewarded at various stages of a faculty member's career.

What spaces are learning spaces? (Q1)

How do we change learning spaces? (Q2)