Initial Publication Date: October 19, 2017

Resources for Change

Why resources?

To support the ASCN mission, we want to create a robust set of shared resources that are useful for supporting and studying change. We each have our set of pet websites, papers, and books that we use or recommend to others -- the purpose of creating a resource list is to be able to share this expertise across various knowledge domains, increasing our collective ability to learn from various areas of scholarship. We also want to keep an eye to providing resources for change agents at various levels of engagement -- from novice to expert. We have collected a set of such resources, from workshop participants and the ASCN leadership team. This is a work in progress, and can be added to.

Resource Collection

The ASCN library of resources.

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A repository of resources published by ASCN and its partners.

Change Dashboard

A visual planning and communication tool for change agents.

ASCN Meetings

Upcoming and previous ASCN meetings and events.

ASCN Webinars

Upcoming and previous professional development webinars.

Change Theories

A springboard for learning about various change theories.