Initial Publication Date: April 16, 2019

Spreading Evidence-Based Instructional Practices: Leveraging Peer Observation for Institutional Change

A Change Café Webinar

Thursday, May 30, 2019

9:00 am PT | 10:00 am MT | 11:00 am CT | 12:00 pm ET

Presenters: Stephanie Salomone, Heather Dillon, Eric Anctil, Tara Presholdt, and Valerie Peterson (University of Portland)

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Evidence that active, student-centered learning in STEM classrooms contributes to desired student outcomes has now accumulated to compelling levels. However, promoting and supporting widespread use of new practices is challenging, even amongst practitioners open to such changes. One contributing factor is the fact that a majority of instructional change efforts focus on only a small portion of the instructional system, while true transformation requires systemic reform. Successful institutional change initiatives have been shown to involve common features: they involve ongoing interventions, align with individuals' beliefs, and work within the existing landscape of institutional values. In this webinar, participants will be introduced to a new theory to support instructional change in undergraduate mathematics that incorporates a new dimension – instructor peer observation – in an existing model for institutional change (the CACAO model), thereby aligning with evidence regarding what supports effective change. An exemplar will be given to illustrate how this theory might be realized in practice.


This webinar is designed for STEM faculty, faculty developers (e.g., teaching and learning center staff), and disciplinary and institutional change leaders (e.g., department chairs, administrators at all levels, disciplinary association members and leaders). It may be of particular interest to those who are planning or currently implementing change efforts.


As a result of this webinar, participants will be prepared to:
  • Envision peer observation as a tool for faculty reflection and pedagogical change
  • Connect with a network of critically aligned colleagues for sharing resources related to systemic change in STEM
  • Adapt principles of systemic change and peer observation to their intuitional context


Registration is closed.

Time - 9:00 am PT | 10:00 am MT | 11:00 am CT | 12:00 pm ET
Duration - 60 minutes
Format - Online web presentation via Zoom web meeting software with questions and discussion. Go to the webinar technology page for more information on using Zoom. Detailed instructions for joining the webinar will be emailed to registered participants one day prior to the webinar.
Preparation - There is no advance preparation required for this webinar.

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Stephanie Salomone is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Portland and also serves as the Director of the STEM Education and Outreach Center at UP. She has worked on professional development projects for in-service K-12 teachers, including appointments with the Central California Mathematics Project (CSU-Stanislaus) and the UCLA Math Program for Teachers. She is the Principal Investigator of the NSF Noyce Scholars and Interns Program at UP, an NSF IUSE project at UP that trains and supports UP STEM faculty in planning and implementation of evidence-based pedagogical practices and peer observation.

Heather Dillon is an Associate Professor of mechanical engineering in the Shiley School of Engineering at the University of Portland. Her research is focused on renewable energy and engineering education.

Eric Anctil is an Associate Professor of media and technology in the School of Education at the University of Portland. His work broadly centers on K-20 education and the nexus of media, technology, and the curriculum.

Tara Presholdt is an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Portland. She teaches courses in marine biology, entomology, evolution, animal behavior, and oceanography.

Valerie Peterson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Portland. She has participated in numerous research-based pedagogical change projects aimed at supporting instructors as they work to adopt student-centered practices.


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