Presentations: Session I

Wednesday 10:35 am – 11:00 am PT / 11:35 am – 12:00 pm MT / 12:35 pm – 1:00 pm CT / 1:35 pm – 2:00 pm ET Online
Concurrent Session

A systematic review of change theory in STEM higher educational change efforts

Tessa C. Andrews, University of Georgia
Daniel Reinholz,San Diego State University


 Track: Change Leadership


Lessons Learned: Successes and Challenges of Implementing a Systems Model for Improving Student Success & Student Retention

Judy Awong-Taylor, Georgia Gwinnett College
Allison D'Costa,Georgia Gwinnett College
Clay Runck,Georgia Gwinnett College
Tirza Leader,Georgia Gwinnett College
David Pursell,Georgia Gwinnett College
Cindy Achat-Mendes,Georgia Gwinnett College
Chantelle Anfuso,Georgia Gwinnett College
Nathan W. Moon,Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus


Track: Equity and Inclusion

Getting Beyond the Flawed Metrics of Student Evaluation Surveys

Josh M. Beach, 21st Century Literacy


Track: Measuring Change

An Instructional-Teams Project for supporting instructional reform

Susan Hester, The University of Arizona
Karie Lattimore, The University of Arizona
Lisa Rezende, The University of Arizona
Lisa Elfring,The University of Arizona