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Before the Transforming Institutions Conference

Click to view or download the attendee session recording (MP4 Video 257.1MB Jun3 21).

Attendee Information Session

Thursday, June 3, 2021
9:30 am - 10:30 am PT | 10:30 am - 11:30 am MT | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm CT | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm ET

Welcome participants of the 2021 Transforming Institutions virtual conference! We are so excited to share with you the amazing speakers, presentations, and posters for this year's program. We have also developed a variety of ways for you to engage and interact with presenters and other participants. During this informational session, we will give an overview of the conference logistics, share tips for navigating the conference website, and unveil our newest connection tool: Base Camps. We look forward to jumpstarting the 2021 Transforming Institutions conference with all of you on June 3rd!

You should also check out the Miro Board! Miro is easy to use, but you can understand how to use it by visiting the Miro, and beginning the Miro adventure by finding the "Start Here" star, and following along the boxes to get the most out of the experience. You can find more information about Miro below.

Click to view or download the base camp info recording (MP4 Video 17.8MB Jun3 21).
For more details, watch this short 4-minute video which describes our basecamps and their purpose specifically.

If you were not able to attend the live information session, we encourage you to watch the recording before the start of the conference. Presentation slides are available and the information presented in the session is also highlighted below.

Other Resources

As you prepare for the conference, take a moment to look over this information:

During the Transforming Institutions Conference

How to Connect to Your Session

Connection information for each session will be included at the bottom of the session abstract page. Navigate to your desired session page by using the links within the main program. Click "Show Zoom Link" to access the connection details. Each presentation within the concurrent sessions has a unique Zoom room, so be sure to click on the session you want to attend. Large events (plenary speakers, welcome and conclusion sessions, and base camps) will be held from the same centralized Zoom room. In order to access the Zoom links, you must be logged in to your SERC account using the same email address you used when you registered for the conference.

Please also download the latest version of Zoom, which will allow you to move yourself into breakout rooms when the time comes. Information on downloading the latest version of Zoom is available here on the Zoom website.

If you have questions or connection issues, from Zoom you can click the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen to contact your session SERC support person or you can contact Bradlee Cotton via email (

Base Camps

We have designed "base camps" to increase the engagement of everyone during the conference. Base camps are groups of 6-8 attendees that will be brought together each day to process materials from sessions, network, share resources, and have fun. We will put you in these base camps at the right time, so you don't have to worry about that, but your base camps will have a private workspace where you can take notes, exchange contact information, and more. Consider these your work bffs for the duration of the conference. You can access your base camp by clicking on your base camp on the Base Camp Homepage. You will only have access to your workspace, so no sneaking into other groups' pages.

Session Information

Poster Sessions and Roundrobins

  • Poster sessions: Multiple posters will be showcased within each poster session. Each poster will present a "lightning" talk for a few minutes while attendees pose questions via chat. Alternatively, attendees can ask questions or engage with poster presenters via the discussion boards that are present on each of the poster web pages. If you cannot go to the poster session or if you want to engage more with one or more presenters, check out the poster roundrobin on Day 3 (described below).
  • Poster roundrobin: This roundrobin will take place on Day 3 after the other poster sessions have taken place. This session, unlike the poster lightning sessions, will provide time and space for attendees to chat with poster presenters. Poster presenters will also be able to interact with and learn from other poster presenters (collaborations, anyone?). This will be very flexible in terms of format and structure to allow for great ideas and conversations to flow. Come with questions, feedback, ideas, and hang out among like-minded peers.

Connection Sessions and Unconference

  • Connection sessions: Do you miss meeting people who are interested in the same things you are? Interested in meeting others without any expectations or demands? Well, these sessions are for you! We have informal sessions that have a variety of purposes- some to just meet new people, some to discuss what you're learning at the conference, others to problem solve an issue. All of these are open to anyone and will continue to be in Zoom like the other sessions. Choose the sessions that interest you from the program and be prepared to engage with other attendees (and their pets more than likely).
  • Unconference sessions: These are informal sessions designed to bring people together who have similar roles, goals, or affinities. Anyone can create or set these up during the conference when the mood arises. There is no advanced preparation required of unconference session leaders and no right way to have an unconference session although we suggest having 1) questions or activities to promote interaction with each other and 2) ways to stay connected after the conference. Example unconference sessions could be dedicated to Women in STEM, community college biology faculty, whiskey drinkers, people who want research collaborators on a topic, or for people who don't want to talk about work at all! To "sign up" for an unconference session, write about it on a sticky note under the Unconference Session Information circle on the conference Miro board.

Miro Board

[creative commons]
Provenance: Rachel Renbarger
Reuse: This item is offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license You may reuse this item for non-commercial purposes as long as you provide attribution and offer any derivative works under a similar license.
We will be using a Miro Board, a virtual whiteboard, for collaborating before and during the conference. Important features of the Miro will include:

  • Posting big ideas from the panel sessions and engaging with the concurrent session ideas on the "Learning Insights" part of the board
  • Following updates and asking questions on the "Announcements and Questions" part of the board
  • Creating sessions as needed on the "Unconference Sessions" section
  • Connecting with folks through the chat as well as seeing who is here with the "Virtual Business Cards"

To access the Miro Board, click this link. You may need to zoom in or out using the + or - buttons on your keyboard. Find the yellow "Start here" star to help you get acquainted with using the board. We also recommend this short video if you would like more assistance.

Connect via Social Media

If you know of something that you think other participants should know about, just send a tweet to @ascnhighered and include the hashtag #TransformInstitutions2021. You can also livetweet during the sessions so we can all be in conversation with each other about important questions, ideas, and next steps. We will be gathering these tweets together on a page so that we can all benefit (even those without Twitter) in near-real time.

We will also be sharing images and posts of interesting things happening via the ASCN Facebook page. Go "Like" us so you will receive these updates!

Need Assistance?

Before a Session

If you need help regarding a specific session or connection issues, or if you have questions about website content, contact Bradlee Cotton ( For other Transforming Institutions questions, feel free to contact Rachel Renbarger (

During a Session
A SERC staff person will be hosting each of each 2021 Transforming Institutions Zoom meeting and can be contacted via the Zoom chat feature.

General Assistance
Need help with something not related to a specific session? Or are you having urgent issues? Click on the chat button on the bottom right corner of any 2021 Transforming Institutions web page to chat with a SERC staff person.

After the Transforming Institutions Conference

Want to stay involved with ASCN and NSEC?

With ASCN, there are two main types involvement. You can:

  1. Join a working group. This is the highest level of involvement, but is typically no more than 1-2 hours per month. Being a part of a working group means you meet with others like you to share ideas, help plan events, and/or create resources. There are 6 working groups currently, and you can see the types of work they do here:
    1. Guiding Theories
    2. Costs, Benefits, and Demonstrating Impact
    3. Change Leaders
    4. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice
    5. Aligning Incentives with Systemic Change
    6. Learning Spaces
  2. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. This will give you ASCN membership that allows you to stay apprised of new events, resources, and opportunities without any formal commitment.

You can also follow us on social media. We share events and updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We would love for you to share any of our posts with your networks!

To stay involved with NSEC:

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