Presentations: Session IX

Friday 10:20 am – 10:45 am PT / 11:20 am – 11:45 am MT / 12:20 pm – 12:45 pm CT / 1:20 pm – 1:45 pm ET Online
Concurrent Session

Getting STEM FIT! STEM-Forum for Inclusive Teaching as a model for broad dissemination of evidence-based inclusive teaching practices

Kimberly Mulligan, California State University-Sacramento
Kely McDonald,California State University-Sacramento


Track: STEM Teaching

Science Education as Civic Education: The Future of STEM Learning

Eliza J. Reilly, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement
Davida Smyth,The New School


Track: Multi-Disciplinary and Multi-Institutional Change

It's a START: Supporting Intergenerational Department Change Teams to Build Anti-racist Courses and Curricula

Mary Wright, Brown University
Monica Linden,Brown University
Patricia Sobral,Brown University
James Valles,Brown University
Stacey Lawrence,Brown University
Eric Kaldor,Brown University


Track: Role of Centers

University systems in the time of punctuated equilibrium: Understanding adaptations to rapid and unpredictable change

Erika Offerdahl, Washington State University- Pullman
Mary Pilgrim, San Diego State University
Emily Walter, California State University-Fresno
Katherine Ryker,University of South Carolina-Columbia