Working Group 6: Aligning Incentives with Systemic Change

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Mission Statement

The purpose of this working group is to promote development of institutional cultures where continuous improvement of teaching is expected, valued, assessed, and rewarded at various stages of a faculty member's career. The working group will achieve its purpose by illuminating the policies and practices employed in the current higher education landscape that effectively evaluate and reward the three aspects of faculty work: teaching, scholarship, and service. Working group 6 will 1) map the landscape of practices, 2) create a taxonomy to identify and classify the varied approaches, 3) examine current evidence that addresses the potential or realized effectiveness of these practices, and 4) assess and share the evidence and practices to promote accountability.

Group Leaders

  • Christine Broussard, University of La Verne (cbroussard [at] laverne [dot] edu)
  • Kadian M. Callahan, Kennesaw State University (kcallah6 [at] kennesaw [dot] edu)

Group Members