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Mission Statement

Higher-education faculty-reward structures commonly prioritize scholarship over teaching and service. The mission of the Aligning Incentives working group is to promote the development of institutional cultures where continuous improvement of teaching is expected, valued, assessed, and rewarded at all stages of a faculty member's career. Our aim is to identify and share practices, associated with the evaluation of teaching, that are equitable, include diverse stakeholders, promote student success, social justice, and increase access and success of marginalized and underrepresented groups.

Ongoing Work

Converting the "Great Resignation" to "The Great Resilience" - During the 2022-2023 academic year, we engaged in a series of discussions on Resilience for faculty and institutions converting the "Great Resignation" to "The Great Resilience". We pursued this topic for faculty and institutions to convert the "Great Resignation" to "The Great Resilience". This discussion series involved a discussion with Maha Bali on equity and care in departmental teaching evaluation practices. We then embarked on a literature discussion series to explore perspectives on resilience. This series will culminate with a blog post on resilience for faculty and an event in Fall 2023.

Teaching Initiative Repository - We have been assembling a curated Teaching Initiative Repository to serve as a resource to the systemic change community. The continued development of processes and rubrics that our Repository Editorial Board/Resource Review Committee members are using to vet resources that are submitted to the Teaching Evaluation Repository. We are very excited to provide a mechanism for ASCN members and website visitors to share resources related to teaching effectiveness and evaluation.

Working Group Resources

Curated Teaching Evaluation Initiative Repository - The Teaching Evaluation Change Initiatives repository serves as a searchable collection of teaching evaluations, which are assessed on how well they are aligned with systemic change. Teaching initiatives are reviewed regularly by the Repository Editorial Board. For more information on the editorial process, refer to the Teaching Evaluation Change Initiatives Guide.

Teaching Evaluation Critical Resources Collection - this searchable and annotated collection of publications and websites describes resources for evaluating faculty work to align it with systemic change for improved STEM undergraduate education.

Generally, we host a discussion or webinar in the spring and fall. We organized and hosted two events in 2022: Defining Inclusive Teaching Practices and Equity and Care in Departmental Teaching Evaluations.

Past Discussions

Knowledge Claims and Guiding Questions

The Aligning Incentives with Systemic Change Working Group examines and recommends inclusive & equitable policies and practices that effectively evaluate and reward faculty work (teaching, scholarship, and service) with our primary focus on teaching. To do this, we:

  1. Collect, categorize, make accessible, and promote practices around faculty evaluation that support inclusive excellence. These practices should be:
    • equitable,  
    • promote student success, social justice, 
    • and increase access and success of historically and currently marginalized learners and teachers. 
  2. Engage in outreach and advocacy in the Higher Education Community and share evidence and practices to promote accountability and amplify the work of scholars and practitioners in this area. 

Group Leaders

  • Kadian M. Callahan, Kennesaw State University (
  • Christine Broussard, University of La Verne (

Group Members