Working Group 5: Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, and Social Justice

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Mission Statement

Equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice are foundational in effective higher education settings, including STEM disciplines. Within ASCN and the working groups, we adhere to this premise.

We will engage those that work on other aspects of systemic change in higher education (including teaching; learning; community engagement; and employment, evaluation, and advancement opportunities) for focused knowledge synthesis. This working group will also bring together communities whose work focuses on equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice in higher education. These communities share many goals but may have developed and operated independently of one another.

This working group will explore the intersection of equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice with systemic change in higher education. We will identify common ground, promote opportunities for collaboration, and this will be informed by lived perspectives from diverse stakeholders. It aims to support administrators, faculty, students, and staff; and promote access, participation and success for all parties. It will interact closely with the other ASCN working groups, as well as pursuing its own synthesis of knowledge.

Ongoing Work

Group Leaders

  • Pat Marstellar, Emory University (pmars [at] emory [dot] edu)
  • Ruthmae Sears, University of South Florida (ruthmaesears [at] usf [dot] edu)

Group Activities

This group currently has three foci:

  • Policy & Administration
  • Teaching & Department
  • Students