Working Group 5: Equity and Inclusion

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Mission Statement

Attention to the full dimensions of inclusion must pervade all the work of ASCN. Across the Steering Committee and all the working groups this is partially addressed by the effort to assure participation by diverse membership, with stakeholders from all sectors of higher education. That said, ASCN's working group structure offers the opportunity to bring together communities whose work focuses on inclusion, and those that work on other aspects of systemic change (such as teaching methods that improve student conceptual understanding), for focused knowledge synthesis. These communities share many goals for supporting faculty and student access and success but may have developed and operated independently of one another. This working group will explore the intersection of our understanding of inclusion with concepts of systemic change arising from other perspectives, identify common ground, and promote opportunities for collaboration. It will interact closely with the other ASCN working groups, as well as pursuing its own synthesis of knowledge.

Group Leaders

  • Anthony DePass, Professor, Long Island University

Group Members