Project Overview

The Project Overview consists of three parts at the top of the Dashboard: Change Strategy, Mechanism for Change, and Project Goal.

We recommend that you start filling in the Dashboard with the Project Goal. The Goal is the big picture thing that you are trying to accomplish with your project. For example, you may be hoping to improve graduation rates for STEM majors, or create a new interdisciplinary major. It is important to start with a Goal because it helps you focus on the problem you want to solve and establish consensus about what your team wants to do with the project.

The Change Strategy and Mechanism for Change are not usually clear from the beginning. Thus, we recommend coming back to them after diagnosing the Desired and Current States.

Tip: Project Goals

Your project goal is what you want to accomplish. Project goals are outcomes – what will happen as a result of your project?


  • Increase the number and quality of STEM graduates
  • Increase skills acquisition in biotechnology that is useful in the workforce
  • Increase undergraduate participation in research and course- based research initiatives
  • Improve faculty understanding of and response to issues of diversity, equity & inclusion
  • Raise the quality of teaching as defined by student success

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