Teaching Quality Framework Initiative

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Teaching Quality Framework Initiative

Central, campus-wide, and departmental teams

Contact: Noah Finkelstein (noah.finkelstein@colorado.edu)

Part of: TEval


The Teaching Quality Framework (TQF) initiative facilitates departmental and campus-wide efforts to provide a richer evaluation of teaching. Through enhanced evaluations, we promote and value high quality teaching, align resources, and reward scholarly approaches to improving student learning. Drawing on decades of scholarship and national models, this initiative creates a common campus-wide approach that is disciplinarily defined and enacted, and centrally supported.

Review the associated resources and the Toolkit. Also check out the following publications:

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Notes from the Teaching Evaluation Repository Editorial Board

Check out this resource on the page Teaching Quality Framework Rubric (Updated July 2022). This page contains a full assessment version of the TQF Rubric along with a 2 page framework version, a DEIB Supplement, and a Rubric Mapping Tool." This resource includes a DEI - Belonging evaluation tool.

Additional Information

Audience: College/university staff, Teaching center staff, Departmental leaders, Student leaders, Change leaders, Faculty with long-term appointments, Faculty with short-term appointments, Institution administration, Institutional awards committees, Researchers

Level of Intervention: Department/unit, College, Institution - administration

Institution Type: Public, Private, 2-year, 4-year, T1 (scholarly teaching-focused institution)

Scale of Change: Redesign of teaching evaluation only

Primary Teaching and Learning Context: Multiple contexts

Framework Emphasis: Recognition of spheres of influence in teaching

Tools/Materials for Evaluation: Peer observation, Observation tools (e.g., COPUS, EQUIP), Rubrics (e.g., Teval), Self-evaluation tools, Formative assessment tools for instructors

Processes for Revising Teaching Evaluation: Department level evaluation revision, Faculty governance reframing teaching evaluation, Grassroots efforts, Senior-level administrative leaders

Research-Based Pedagogies: Multiple pedagogies