Creating Pathways to Change: Professional Development Options in Inclusive Pedagogy

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Melissa Ko, Stanford University

Racial injustice has prompted much activism and reflection at Stanford University, leading to an increased interest in equitable pedagogical practices. Instructors now seek the resources and training to better foster student belonging and empower all of their students to succeed. As faculty developers in the Center for Teaching and Learning, we aimed to design and provide multiple effective professional development opportunities for instructors to meet these goals. The launch of the Presidential Initiative for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment (IDEAL) in 2018 set the stage at the leadership level for a coordinated effort to advance teaching. As such, we have launched the IDEAL Pedagogy program at Stanford that offers multiple pathways for instructors to develop their skills in inclusive pedagogy. The design of IDEAL Pedagogy prioritizes accessibility with multiple options for participation varying in timing and level of commitment. Some options engage with individuals in learning communities while other options engage with representative teams, based on the model of departmental action teams to support sustainable change. Our program is guided by the five following learning objectives: 1) integrate diverse examples, peoples, and texts into your course design; 2) encourage learning and sharing with peers through group work and discussion; 3) enact and uphold a classroom culture of respect for all students; 4) provide accessible resources and connections to meet the needs of all students; and 5) design varied activities and assessments for students to engage in learning. For each objective, we have curated inclusive pedagogy resources and activities on a Canvas site (our learning management system) open to all members of the Stanford community. This site serves as our core "text" and has been designed in a modular format for instructors to self-assess their learning and identify content relevant to their needs.

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Creating Pathways to Change: Professional Development Options in Inclusive Pedagogy -- Discussion  

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