Poster Session B

Wednesday 12:40 pm – 1:05 pm PT / 1:40 pm – 2:05 pm MT / 2:40 pm – 3:05 pm CT / 3:40 pm – 4:05 pm ET Online
Poster Presentation

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B1 - Pedagogy & Assessment

Physics department culture of assessment and change: Results from the EP3 Chair's Survey

Stephanie Chasteen, Independent
Joel Corbo, University of Colorado at Boulder
Robert Dalka,University of Maryland-College Park
Chandra Turpen,University of Maryland-College Park


Rethinking Needs Assessment in Undergraduate STEM Education

David Devraj Kumar,Florida Atlantic University


Alternative Assessments in Large Enrollment Gateway Chemistry Courses

Uma Swamy,Florida International University
 Sonia Underwood,Florida International University


Student Success Through Evidence-based Pedagogies

 Karen Myhr,Wayne State University
Peter Hoffmann,Wayne State University
 Sara Kacin,Wayne State University
Asli Ozgun-Koca,Wayne State University
 Alisa Hutchinson,Wayne State University


Using exam wrappers to expose students to learning research changes study strategies

Linden Higgins,University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
Maya Sobel,University of Vermont and State Agricultural College


Simulated Field Experiences and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy among Teacher Candidates

 Peter Ghazarian,Ashland University
Erik Kormos,Ashland University
 Kendra Wisdom,Ashland University



B2 - Teaching Evaluation

Lessons Learned While Implementing a Framework for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness

Shawn Simonson,Boise State University
 Megan Frary,Boise State University
Brittnee Earl,Boise State University
 Julia Boderick,Boise State University


Tools for Assessing Teaching in Promotion and Tenure

 Jean Hertzberg,University of Colorado at Boulder
 Daniel Knight,University of Colorado at Boulder
 Cynthia Hampton,University of Colorado at Boulder
 Sarah Andrews,University of Colorado at Boulder


Enacting Department-Level Changes: Faculty Evaluations, Curriculum Reviews, and Self-Study Guidelines

 Lorraine Cordeiro,University of Massachusetts-Amherst
 Claire Norton,University of Massachusetts-Amherst
 Heather Wemhoener,University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Elena Carbone,University of Massachusetts-Amherst


A Scholarly Approach to Teaching Evaluation in Integrative Physiology

Teresa Foley,University of Colorado at Boulder


Adaptation of the TEval framework to Improve Teaching Evaluations within a Pharmacy Practice Department

 Karen Moeller,University of Kansas Main Campus
 Crystal Burkhardt,University of Kansas Main Campus
 Cambrey Nguyen,University of Kansas Main Campus
 Brittany Melton,University of Kansas Main Campus


Divide and Conquer: Changing the Culture of Teaching and Learning at the Department Level in a Research Intensive Institution

 Tracey A. LaPierre,University of Kansas Main Campus
Lisa-Marie Wright,University of Kansas Main Campus


Assessing impact and visualizing progress of a campus-wide initiative to transform teaching evaluation

 Sarah Andrews,University of Colorado at Boulder
Alanna Pawlak,University of Colorado at Boulder
 Kristin Oliver,University of Colorado at Boulder
Jessica Keating,University of Colorado at Boulder
Cynthia Hampton,University of Colorado at Boulder
 Mark Gammon,University of Colorado at Boulder
Noah Finkelstein,University of Colorado at Boulder


Just tell me what to do: Guides for departments who want more robust and equitable teaching evaluation

 Sandhya Krishnan,University of Georgia
Paula Lemons,University of Georgia
Tessa Andrews,University of Georgia