Workshop Program


Create a draft vision statement for teaching and learning
Pre-workshop assignement ASCN 2019.pdf (Acrobat (PDF) 33kB Mar1 19)

Workshop Agenda:

Welcome (5')

What do we want to achieve? The importance of a clear vision (20')

  • Participants will share ideas for their goals for institutional change

Measuring change (40')

  • Participants will explore a variety of assessment strategies adapted at Boise State University

Leveraging a Change Framework to frame strategies for change (25')

  • Participants will be introduced to components of a change framework and related change theories used in a large-scale institutional STEM Education reform project

Break (15')

Taking Activity to the Academic Departments (45')

  • Participants will explore three departmental case studies that illuminate the importance of tailoring strategies to support adopters where they are and within the context of their department

Action Planning and sharing (25')

  • Participants will apply concepts discussed to efforts on their own campus and make plans for how they might implement change strategies introduced or assessment tools presented

Wrap up (5')