My Interest in ASCN: Louise Wrensford

Albany State University
Natural and Forensic Sciences/Graduate School
Professor of Chemistry, Associate Provost of Research and Graduate Dean

Prior Organizational Change Work

As part of the preparing critical faculty for the future project, I am leading efforts to bring about institutional transformation of the curriculum to more learner-centered approaches to teaching.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

With the continuous decrease in state support and decreasing enrollment at our institution, like many others, institutional change is really a matter of survival for my institution. My interest lies in how my organization can continue to flourish as an institution while fulfilling its historic mission. This forum offers the opportunity to gain insight on the work that is being done in this area. I welcome the opportunity to share my experiences and to learn from others.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

I've served in the capacity of faculty, program coordinator and chairperson at the undergraduate level, and currently in the office of research; positions that require institutional level commitment and action to bring about real and sustainable change. These experiences have given me insight into the challenges and potential that exist in a small historically black institution; that can fuel discussions around institutional change within differring contexts.