My Interest in ASCN: Archie Archie

University of Virginia-Main Campus
Electrical Engineering
Professor and Vice Provost

Prior Organizational Change Work

I currently serve as Vice Provost for Educational Innovation and Interdisciplinary Studies, a position I have held for 2 years. In July, I will become the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs where I will keep my current portfolio and add additional responsibilities related to academic affairs.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

I conduct discipline-based education research where I investigate the role that scaffolded instruction and technology can play in helping learners transition from novice to expert problem solvers and become more self-regulated in their learning. In my role as Vice Provost, I oversee a number of efforts focused on improving student engagement and learning, especially in STEM fields.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

In my role as Vice Provost, I am overseeing a number of initiatives focused on class-level as well as instructor-level efforts to improve student engagement and learning in large-enrollment classes. I also communicate regularly with other Vice Provosts through different venues (AAU and Reinvention Center, for example) which can facilitate propagation and adoption down the road.