2020 Webinars

Drinking water circle Leading Change with Design Thinking: A collaborative model of course transform using approaches for solving wicked problems

February 12, 2020 at 10:00 am PT | 11:00 am MT | 12:00 pm CT | 1:00 pm ET

Presenters: Nick Swayne, Bernie Kaussler, Patrice Ludwig, and Sean McCarthy (James Madison University)

Student interest is migrating towards the large-scale "wicked" problems in our world, such as climate change, income inequality, sustainability, and human trafficking. These wicked problems rarely rely on a single discipline for their solution, however our educational system is locked into the single discipline approach. At James Madison University, we have explored a variety of programs that build transdisciplinary opportunities for our students.

Transdisciplinary teaching and learning are hot topics, but how can you get started and sustain transdisciplinary activities on your campus? Over the past five years, we have created an array of transdisciplinary courses, designed intentionally to help students and faculty experience a world where they can bring their disciplinary knowledge to bear on wicked challenges. Students describe these experiences as the most challenging courses they've taken. By combining concrete examples of innovation capacity, professional curiosity, and exceptional communication skills, these students tend to be hired earlier in the season and earn more than their peers by discipline. Further, they remain engaged upon graduation and actively seek opportunities to build connections between their employers and the institution.

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