Session B

Monday 5:00pm - 6:30pm Scandinavian 3/4
Poster Presentation

Note: These posters will present from 5:40-6:10 pm. Presenters are encouraged to set up their posters during lunch (12:00-1:15pm).

Supporting First- and Second-Order Departmental Change with the Effective Practices for Physics Programs (EP3) Guide

B1 | Christine O'Donnell, American Physical Society; Stephanie Chasteen, Chasteen Educational Consulting

The RIOS Institute: A community supporting racially-just, inclusive, open STEM education

B2 | Sam Donovan, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium; Kaitlin Bonner, Saint John Fisher College; Karen Cangialosi, OE Global; Carrie Diaz Eaton, Bates College

360 Intentionality: Systematizing and Incentivizing DEI for Faculty, Staff, and Students at the University of Cincinnati

B3 | Ahjah Johnson, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus; Whitney Gaskins, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

Faculty reflections as a mechanism to improve teaching and learning

B4 | Sewwandi Abeywardana, Michigan State University; Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University

Organization-focused Change Networks as Levers for Systemic Change: Highlights of Research on their Nature, Functioning, and Lifecycles

B5 | Ann Austin, Michigan State University; Susan R. Singer, Rollins College; and Adam Grimm, Michigan State University

Getting out of your own way: Faculty truly stepping aside for student-led community-engaged projects using PALAR

B6 | Jessica Rush Leeker, University of Colorado at Boulder; Lyndsay Ruane, University of Colorado at Boulder

Getting Active: Exercise in pedagogical transformation for STEM student success

B7 | Pavithra Suresh, George Mason University; Jill Nelson, George Mason University; Jessica Rosenberg, George Mason University

Building Institutional Capacity for Inclusive Excellence Builds Capacity for Faculty Leadership

B8 | Patricia Soochan, HHMI

Passion-Driven Statistics: A Transformative Undergraduate Experience in Statistics Using Real-World, Project-Based Learning

B9 | Rachel Anderson, Bethel University; Sherryse Corrow, Bethel University

Longitudinal study of changes in science identity, research self-efficacy, and academic self-concept for undergraduate students conducting biomedical research at a large Hispanic-serving institution

B10 | Angelica Monarrez, University of Texas at El Paso; Clarissa Valles, University of Texas at El Paso; Amy Wagler, University of Texas at El Paso

Connecting the 'who', the 'how', and the 'what': incorporating human development into environmental studies and social science curricula for transformative education

B11 | Katherine Foo, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

OPTIMUM Interactions: Improving the Online Tutoring Experience

B12 | Keith Gallagher, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Nicole Infante, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Deborah Moore-Russo, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus; Lori Ogden, West Virginia University

Fostering faculty driven change through scaffolding a community of practice into a local community of transformation at University of Arkansas at Little Rock

B13 | Stephanie Feola, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Lundon Pinneo, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Michael Moore, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; David Montague, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Mark Baillie, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Leading Change in College Math: Equity, Curriculum Innovation and the Minneapolis Math Pathways

B14 | Ben Weng, Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Turning a Large Ship in a Small Harbor: A Large-Scale Transformation of a First-Year Mathematics Program

B15 | Karina Uhing, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Nicole Infante, University of Nebraska at Omaha;Keith Gallagher, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Unlocking a Path for Institutional Change: Identifying the Modes of Belonging of Women and Other Marginalized Students in University Mathematics

B16 | Seyda Uysal, Florida State University

Overcoming Student Resistance to Active Learning: Early Insights from a Promising Intervention

B17 | Margaret Usdansky, Syracuse University; John Tillotson, Syracuse University

PULSE: Helping Departments to Transform Undergraduate Education

B18 | Judy Awong-Taylor, Georgia Gwinnett College; Monica Linden, Brown University; Alix Fink, Longwood University; Gary Reiness, Lewis & Clark College

The "Hail-Jane" Project to Save a Center

B19 | Bradley McLain, University of Colorado at Boulder

From 15 to 45 Employees: Restructuring a central teaching center to strategically grow online education opportunities

B20 | Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Iowa State University; Sara Marcketti, Iowa State University; Susan Arendt, Iowa State University; Jessica Stolee, Iowa State University; Tiffany Thuney, Iowa State University

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