Session A

Monday 5:00pm - 6:30pm Scandinavian 3/4
Poster Presentation

Note: These posters will present from 5:00-5:30 pm. Presenters are encouraged to set up their posters during lunch (12:00-1:15pm).

The Academic System Dynamics that Motivates Faculty to Enact Instructional Change

A1 | Juan M. Cruz, Rowan University

Fostering inter-institutional learning to understand quantitative skills support ecosystems

A2 | Laura Muller, Williams College; Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Carleton College

Teaching for PROWESS: Supporting and studying inter-institutional change

A3 | Ann Sitomer, Oregon State University; Karen Gaines, AMATYC; Sylvia Valdes-Fernandez, Oregon State University

Convergence of Faculty and Administrator Perceptions of Institutionalizing Flipped Teaching in STEM Courses

A4 | Sharon Locke, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Chaya Gopalan, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Wei-Chen Hung, Northern Illinois University

The Bridging to STEM Excellence Consortium Program

A5 | Bradlee Wahid Cotton, Carleton College; Cailin Huyck Orr, Carleton College; Rick Moog, Franklin and Marshall College; Ellen Iverson, Carleton College

The Impacts of a Faculty-led Learning Community on Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices

A6 | Jennifer Kant, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Kathryn Asala, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Tonya Bates, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Advancing Cultural Change in STEM Departments through Self-Determination Theory

A7 | Sarah Bleiler-Baxter, Middle Tennessee State University; Rosina Andrews, Middle Tennessee State University; Greg Rushton, Middle Tennessee State University; Sarvani Mallapragada, Middle Tennessee State University

Integration strategy of creative problem-solving components into engineering curriculum

A8 | Gon Namkoong, Old Dominion University; Tian Luo, Old Dominion University

A framework for equitable, student-centered instruction in undergraduate STEM

A9 | Dan Hanley, Western Washington University; Saraswathy Nair, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley; Timothy Huber, University of Texas- Rio Grande Valley

Enhancing Data Literacy Learning Experience for Nontraditional Higher Education Community: A Constructive Work in Progress

A10 | Parisa Meisami, Universities at Shady Grove

A Journey of Change Vigilance - Stewarding teaching evaluation transformation from faculty grassroots work to college-wide directives into a Center for Teaching and Learning

A11 | Sarah Andrews, University of Colorado at Boulder; Noah Finkelstein, University of Colorado at Boulder; Cynthia Hampton, University of Colorado at Boulder

The STEM RISE Program at teach HOUSTON: Connecting Inquiry-Based Teaching and Mentoring Through STEM and Medicine

A12 | Michelle Carroll Turpin, University of Houston-University Park

Leveraging the connections in a state system of schools to accelerate dissemination of inclusive, high impact educational practices through tiered professional development and mentoring.

A13 | Michelle Withers, Binghamton University; Eliza J. Reilly, National Center for Science and Civic Engagement; Suann Yang, SUNY College at Geneseo; Peter Gergen, SUNY at Stony Brook; Robert Bills, Binghamton University; Xinnian Chen, University of Connecticut; Mark Graham, Yale University

The Benefits of a Cross-functional Team Model to Identify and Address Institutional Barriers and help Underrepresented, Low-income, Academically Talented STEM Community College Students Overcome Roadblocks to Persistence

A14 | Michelle Naffziger-Hirsch, Oakton Community College; Mario Borha, Oakton Community College

Creating Promotable Teaching Ranks at a Research-Intensive Institution: Key Findings and Challenges for Institutional Change

A15 | Caroline Quenemoen, Rice University; Margaret Beier, Rice University

Doubling Student Success Through Intrusive Advising

A16 | Cory DiCarlo, College of Dupage; Emily Whitis, College of Dupage; Susan Fenwick, College of Dupage

Building on the NSF LSAMP Program to Accomplish Institutional Transformation at Auburn University

A17 | Overtoun Jenda, Auburn University Main Campus; David Shannon, Auburn University Main Campus; Brittany McCullough, Auburn University Main Campus

Institutionalization and System-wide Scaling of an Experiential Learning Program

A18 | Lillian Senn, Washington State University- Pullman; Samantha Swindell, Washington State University- Pullman; Erika Offerdahl, Washington State University- Pullman

Beliefs and Context Intersect with Faculty Intentions and Ability to Implement CUREs

A19 | Erin Shortlidge, Portland State University; Bjoerg Amaraphorn-Atman, Portland State University; Suzanne Estes, Portland State University; Gwen Shusterman, Portland State University

Faculty Mentoring Networks: A flexible and effective model for professional learning

A20 | Sam Donovan, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium; Deb Rook, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium; Sarah Prescott, University of New Hampshire; Drew LaMar, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium