Change Theory Summary Writing Party - April

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

10am - 12pm PT | 11am - 1pm MT | 12pm - 2pm CT | 1pm - 3pm ET

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The ASCN Theory Working Group (WG1) has been working to craft a set of brief summaries of relevant change theories to provide a resource to the broader community ( Do you have a change theory that you are familiar with and could help others learn more about? Have you considered writing a summary but haven't found time in your busy schedule? These sessions are designed as working sessions, where we can collaboratively craft new summaries to support the community. This is also a place to potentially highlight related grant-funded work that you have been engaged in, and showcase your own theory building endeavors. All summary authors are acknowledged on the ASCN change theories page.

To access the meeting:

1.   Make sure you are logged into your account on the ASCN website.

2.     At the time of the meeting, go to that working group page.

3.     Click on the black "Private Workspace" button in the top right of the page.

4.     At the top of the page you will find the Zoom information for all of the working group meetings.

Within the private workspace you will also be able to find meeting notes and other important documents. If you have questions about a specific working group, please contact the working group leaders; their emails are available on their working group pages.