Blueprint for Accelerating Change in Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Curricula

Tuesday 3:45pm - 4:45pm Scandinavian 3/4

Patricia Marsteller, Emory University
Melissa Haswell, Delta College
Ruthmae Sears, University of South Florida
Our group is developing a book and eventually a grant to support and give examples of curricular ideas that use Social and Racial Justice issues for STEM curricula. The book will aim to provide change agents, faculty, and faculty development practitioners with resources to address social justice issues in STEM by providing advice and examples of successful practice. We hope people from all stem disciplines will come to discuss ideas for the book and particularly examples from all stem disciplines. The book will define terms, justify the need for change, and then proceed to practical knowledge for faculty including what self-reflection they need to do before embarking on this work, what they need to know and think about for their students, brief introductions to Universal Design for Learning, Principles of Inclusive Teaching and departmental and institutional supports and barriers. This book will bring together literature, advice on how to start with individual reflection and practice, identify multiple ways to engage students, multiple means of representing scientists and student learning, and provide ways of action and expression using UDL principles and other strategies that can promote equitable and inclusive outcomes and learning environments. We will invite a number of people from the BioQUEST Biome working groups, the ASCN network, and people whose research addresses Social Justice and DEI at the college level. The draft chapters will be published in OER format on the QUBES/BioQUEST site for purposes of soliciting commentary, revisions and additional examples.

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