Steering Committee

The role of the steering committee is to provide strategic guidance and support for the intellectual work of the community. The steering committee consists of the four PIs and sixteen additional experts who represent the diversity of the targeted research community. The steering committee is responsible for both internal activities of the network (e.g., guiding vision and strategy, aligning activities) as well as promoting interactions between the network and external entities (e.g., publicizing network activities, advocating for policy changes, securing funding).

Project Leadership Team / Principal Investigators

Charles Henderson
Western Michigan University
Andrea Beach
Western Michigan University
Linda Slakey
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Scott Simkins
North Carolina A & T State University

Other Members

Marilyn Amey
Michigan State University
Maura Borrego
The University of Texas at Austin
David Bressoud
Macalester College
Mark Connolly
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anthony DePass
Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus
Susan Elrod
Indiana University-South Bend
Noah Finkelstein
University of Colorado at Boulder
Adrianna Kezar
University of Southern California

Kelly Mack
Association of American Colleges and Universities
Cathy Manduca
Carleton College
Emily Miller
Association of American Universities
Karen Paulson
Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Karl A. Smith
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Gabriela Weaver
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Lorne Whitehead
University of British Columbia
Julia Williams
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology