My Interest in ASCN: Stephanie Chasteen

University of Colorado at Boulder
Center for STEM Learning
Course transformation specialist

Prior Organizational Change Work

I am currently the Associate Director of the Science Education Initiative, and a PI of the TRESTLE project, at CU Boulder. I also own my own company, Chasteen Educational Consulting, which supports STEM educational change projects.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

I work with many programs and societies working to increase the use of evidence-based teaching practices, often as an evaluator. The ASCN can help to connect me to others working to evaluate and promote change at a program level, so that I can provide higher-quality evaluation using the latest metrics. There is so much growth in this area, connecting to current resources and thought partners will help me be more valuable to the projects I work in.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

I have a broad knowledge of change efforts in physics and other STEM disciplines across institutions, including the Science Education Initiative at CU Boulder and adaptations of that model, and faculty professional development provided by professional societies. I am also experienced in course transformation and concept inventory development.