My Interest in ASCN: Robert Hilborn

American Association of Physics Teachers

Associate Executive Officer

Prior Organizational Change Work

The SPIN-UP project led to doubling the number of physics bachelors degrees awarded per since its initiation in 2000. I started building that effort when I was President of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

I am looking for ways to enhance the implementation of interactive engagement teaching methods by the participants of the Physics and Astronomy New and Experienced Faculty Workshops, for which I serve as PI and Chair. I am also looking for ways to encourage more physics department chairs to promote systemic change in their undergraduate physics programs.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

I have led (or co-led) several nation-wide efforts to enhance undergraduate physics education: (1) Strategic Programs for Innovation in Undergraduate Physics (SPIN-UP), (2) Physics and Astronomy New and Experienced Faculty Workshops, (3)the American Association of Physics Teachers and American Physical Society Joint Task Force on Undergraduate Physics Programs. I would bring my experience finding practical ways to engage faculty members and their chairs in enhancing undergraduate STEM programs for sustainable change. Several of these projects have sponsored research on faculty and departmental change and the results of that research can provide guidance to others interested in enhancing undergraduate STEM education. I am also interested in finding ways of linking institutionally focused efforts such as the AAU Undergraduate STEM Initiative with the efforts led by scientific societies.