My Interests in Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN): Jeffrey Froyd

TEES Research Professor

Engineering Academic and Student Affairs

Texas A&M University

Prior Organizational Change Work

I served as project director of a NSF Engineering Education Coalition for 5 years.

I worked on a faculty learning community intended to help faculty members become aware of their implicit biases and how they influence students in the courses, especially women.

I have worked on several curricular change programs and gained insights from these projects.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

Progress on the issues described in the document, "Accelerating Systemic Change in STEM Education: A research to practice network to promote institutional change" will, I think, only be made by multidisciplinary collaborations. I have already participated in several of these collaborations, and I think the meeting will help me expand my network of potential collaborators and generate new ideas to support research and/or systemic change.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

(1) Experience in promoting and studying systemic change as a part of one of the NSF Engineering Education Coalitions, i.e., the Foundation Coalition. Several publications were generated from this work. Multiple lessons were learned about the likelihood of successful transitions from pilot programs to full-scale implementations.
(2) Work compiling a base of evidence supporting efficacy of research-based instructional strategies (RBISs).
(3) Study of frequency of adoption/adaptation of research-based instructional strategies (RBISs) and factors that influence (positively and negatively) adoption/adaptation of RBISs.
(4) Study of NSF-funded proposals for educational development and the proposed strategies for propagation of products to be developed.
(5) Development of resources to support development of propagation plans likely (based on synthesis of literature on faculty development, diffusion of innovations, and organizational change in higher education) to lead to sustained adoption.