My Interest in ASCN: Renee Cole

University of Iowa
Associate Professor

Prior Organizational Change Work

Only as PI on a grant - and as a sub-committee chair for a student success taskforce

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

I am a PI on the Increase the Impact project, the focus of which is helping PIs design for sustained adoption. Part of this model is understanding how institutional change happens. I'm also the PI for a WIDER-type IUSE grant attempting to bring about institutional change on my own campus. Learning from other efforts will improve these efforts.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

My work with the Increase the Impact Project has provided resources for professional development for those wanting to develop educational innovations. My work with the POGIL project, including the ANAPOGIL project, has contributed to sustained adoption of evidence-based practice at many institutions across the country. My work on increasing evidence-based practice on my own campus has led to a better understanding of some of the barriers to institutional change.