My Interest in ASCN: Emily Miller

Association of American Universities
Director, AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative

Prior Organizational Change Work

AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative's overall objective is to influence the culture of STEM departments at AAU institutions so that faculty members are encouraged and supported to use teaching practices proven by research to be effective in engaging students in STEM education and in helping students learn.

How ASCN Can Contribute to my Work

My work at AAU principally focuses on effecting institutional policy/practice and it is my goal to have this work informed by research. Engaging in this group will allow me an opportunity to understand other implementation projects and keep up-to-date on the research/scholarly conversations that can inform my thinking. Finally, as a scholar/practitioner in the field of higher education I would consider this a very important professional home.

How I Can Contribute to ASCN

I can provide insight into being a "backbone" organization to a large multi-institutional change effort (developing and advancing a shared framework among multiple universities, collecting data across multiple institutions, linking effort to other national projects), deep understanding of the inherent challenges and obstacles confronted by R1 institutions,