Webinar: Facilitating Change Through the Departmental Action Team (DAT) Model

published Jan 8, 2021 8:45am

Join us for a conversation about the Departmental Action Team (DAT) Model, which utilizes facilitated teams to promote positive and sustained change in higher education. The presenters have co-facilitated 10+ DATs and are investigating the short and long-term impacts of the DAT model.

In this webinar, they will introduce the DAT model and its guiding principles for change. Participants will leave the webinar with a foundational understanding of the DAT model, how to apply the DAT model to new or ongoing change initiatives, and types of changes DATs can catalyze. Participants will discuss ideas about how the DAT model may work with national-scale change initiatives. Throughout the webinar, the presenters will point participants to resources that have been developed to support change, including their book Facilitating Change in Higher Education: The Departmental Action Team Model and a free toolkit of materials available atdat-project.org.

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