published Mar 16, 2020 8:43am
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Job Opportunity: UCLA Executive Director, Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS), Tenured Teaching Professor (Lecturer w/ Security of Employment, LSOE)

The University of California, Los Angeles is seeking an individual to lead a campus unit that serves all 13 departments in the Life and Physical Sciences Divisions. The unit's mission is to support a collaborative community of instructors committed to teaching excellence. In the five years since its inception, CEILS has become a national leader in innovative science pedagogy and in approaches to increase the inclusivity of science education.

The Executive Director would develop and implement a plan of activities to improve teaching, curriculum, and student success, annually develop and manage a budget to carry out the mission of CEILS, and supervise CEILS personnel. Specific responsibilities would include training activities such as workshops, seminars, institutes, and consultations in support of science instructors seeking to increase the use of evidence-based and inclusive teaching practices in their courses. The Executive Director is also expected to supervise, train, and evaluate all CEILS personnel, currently comprised of four full-time staff members, including a Senior Associate Director, a Senior Associate Director for Instructional and Professional Development, an Associate Director for Educational Development, and an Administrative Assistant, in addition to nine Instructional Consultants. The Executive Director will employ data analytics to inform departments about the success of their efforts to increase the equity and inclusivity of science education at UCLA. The incumbent will report jointly to the Deans of Life and Physical Sciences, with direct supervision by a lead associate dean in one of those Divisions.

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Note the application deadline of April 1st. While it is possible that this deadline will be extended due to coronavirus contingency planning across the nation an extension has not been announced at this time.