Job Announcement: Cornell University's Active Learning Initiative

published Apr 15, 2019 1:20pm
The Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University is currently searching for someone to fill a three-year term position to help support the Active Learning Initiative.

Position description:

The Active Learning Initiative Teaching Support Specialist will work with a team within the Center for Teaching Innovation in creating substantial transformations in undergraduate education at Cornell through the Active Learning Initiative (ALI). This project is motivated and informed by a large and growing body of new research from both cognitive psychology and college classrooms, identifying a variety of pedagogical approaches that are significantly more effective for student learning. The ALI provides grants and other support to departments in redesigning their courses and implementing research-based active learning strategies, with the overall goal of creating sustainable improvements to undergraduate education. A third phase of this initiative is currently underway with projects involving 70 faculty members in nine departments and will transform 40 courses, improving learning environments for 4,500 students per year. More information can be found on the Provost's website: This position provides expertise, resources, and guidance for faculty and postdocs in designing, executing, and assessing substantial course transformations based on evidence-based teaching practices.