published Dec 14, 2022 8:06am

Instructional Change Teams Survey

Do you work with one or more teams of people involved in collaboratively improving STEM undergraduate courses at your institution? Are you interested in understanding more about the effectiveness of this collaboration? Over the last few years, our research group developed a model to highlight key aspects of team collaboration related to team processes and interpersonal factors. We now have a pilot instructional change teams survey that measures team members' perceptions of their collaborations.

We are seeking instructional change teams to take our survey in early Spring 2023. There is no cost to participate in this pilot study. Results from the survey will provide valuable information to your team. If enough team members respond so that individual respondents cannot be identified, we will provide a personalized summary report to your team. We can also discuss results and recommendations with the team and/or leaders if you desire. Survey responses will help us to validate the survey and explore trends in relationships between different aspects of our model. If you are interested in participating with your team(s), please email us at or contact one of us directly.

In addition, if you are thinking about submitting a grant proposal that involves instructional change teams, our survey can serve as an evaluation instrument. Please let us know if you would like to incorporate the survey into your proposal by emailing Alice Olmstead at or contacting any other member of our group.

Thank you!
Alice Olmstead
Andrea Beach
Charles Henderson
Madison Fitzgerald-Russell
Diana Sachmpzadi
Amreen Nasim Thompson
Cynthia Luxford