published Apr 21, 2022 9:13am

Webinar: Familia/Family as Counterspace for Students of Color in Postsecondary STEM Contexts

Wednesday, April 27th from 12-1pm CST

In this webinar, Dr. Blanca Rincón will discuss what can be learned from taking an asset-based approach to the study of broadening participation in STEM. Drawing on qualitative data from 30 Students of Color pursuing STEM majors at five Predominantly White Institutions in the Northeastern United States, she surfaces how students (re)create familial relationships with peers, staff, and administrators on campus, and how those familial-like relationships serve as counterspaces that recognize and reinforce familial knowledge and resources that nurture persistence for Students of Color in STEM. Please register using this registration form.

Flyer for Dr. Rincon's 4/27 webinar (Acrobat (PDF) 224kB Apr21 22)