Survey of Critical Resources

The Guiding Theories Working Group is collecting important resources on systemic change. One of our goals is to provide curated collections of critical resources for specific audiences in higher education, which are listed below.

Please submit resources following this model (i.e., citation + brief description):

Association of American Universities. (2013). Framework for Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning. Washington, D.C.

  • Description: This resource, part of the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative, provides a set of key elements for institutions to address in order to bring about sustainable change in higher education. The purpose of this framework is to guide institutions in adopting and supporting evidence-based teaching practices in STEM.
Dennin, M., Schultz, Z. D., Feig, A., Finkelstein, N., Greenhoot, A. F., Hildreth, M., Leibovich, A. K., Martin, J. D., Moldwin, M. B., O'Dowd, D. K., Posey, L. A., Smith, T. L., & Miller, E. R. (2017). Aligning practice to policies: changing the culture to recognize and reward teaching at research universities. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 16(4), p. 1-8.
  • Description: In this review, the authors highlight the gap between existing policies at many research institutions that explicitly value teaching, and their tenure and promotion practices that do not do the same. The authors present four guiding principles for aligning practice with formal policies and three examples of existing initiatives on university campuses.

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