Initial Publication Date: April 28, 2021

Implementing a systems design approach to institutional transformation

Friday, June 18

9 am - 1 pm PT | 10 am - 2 pm MT | 11 am - 3 pm CT | 12 pm - 4 pm ET*

Alison Hyslop, St. John's University
Jessica Santangelo, Hofstra University

*Note: there will be an hour break in the middle of the workshop.

Workshop Description:

This 3-hour workshop guides participants through the systems design for organizational transformation workshop utilized by the (STEM)2 Network. The workshop is designed for single participants from individual institutions, or teams of individuals either from one institution or from neighboring institutions. We encourage you to invite a colleague as the workshop benefits are multiplied when experienced as a team.

This workshop provides:

  • An overview of systems design concepts;
  • Interactive development of rich pictures;
  • Identification of potential leverage points for change that emerge from the rich pictures;
  • An introduction to change theory and theories of change;
  • Exploration of participant-identified leverage points to (1) explicit policies and processes, (2) semi-explicit relationships, connections, and power dynamics, (3) implicit mental models that result in transformative change; and
  • Interactive engagement with theories of change in which participants outline a logic model addressing the leverage points.


At the conclusion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of systems design for organizational change;
  • Utilize rich pictures to engage colleagues in discussions;
  • Identify leverage points for institutional transformation;
  • Approach change efforts with an eye towards underlying mental models; and
  • Use logic models to align change efforts with inputs and outcomes.

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